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Translations Plugin

The “Translations” plugin was introduced in CloudArcade v1.6.5. This plugin is NOT a replacement for the Localization plugin; rather, the Translations plugin requires the Localization plugin to function. Translations and […]

How to use Localization plugin

What is Localization plugin? and what the purpose of it? Localization plugin can translate almost all strings that are available for translation for admin and visitor page, you can also […]

Add multi-language support

CloudArcade already have built-in multi-language system, just a system not all the translated strings 🙂 , so you need to create a translation manually using “Localization” plugin, more info and […]

Static Site: Make your CloudArcade website extremely fast

Static Site is a official plugin for CloudArcade v1.4.3 or greater, static site can make your web game portal extremely fast. But how it’s work ? Static Site plugin can […]

Ads Manager Plugin

Ads Manager plugin is used to manage and show in-game or pre-roll ads for self-uploaded (self-hosted) games that are already integrated with latest CloudArcade API. You must integrate CloudArcade API […]

Game Reports plugin

Like it’s plugin name, the purpose of “Game Reports” plugin is to allow players or users report a game bug and error to Admin. Latest game reports will be shown […]

(Plugin) Auto Publish

What is “Auto Publish” plugin and what it’s used for ? “Auto Publish” can automatically add games at time interval, similar to “Cron-job” or very similar to WordPress cron. This […]

How to use “Custom Fields” and what can it do ?

Custom Fields is introduced on CloudArcade v1.2.9, it’s an official plugin and not included by default, so you need to install it. With Custom Fields, there’s a lot you can […]