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Query Cache Plugin

What is the Query Cache Plugin and What Does it Do? The Query Cache Plugin was introduced in CloudArcade v1.8.7. This plugin enables caching of SQL database outputs, which speeds […]

Free HTML5 Games (Game Bundle)

“Game Bundle” is a collection of free HTML5 games provided by CloudArcade, developed by Gimcraft. Currently, there are 5 HTML5 games available to add to your CloudArcade site. These free […]

“CloudArcade WP” plugin integration

What is “CloudArcade WP” plugin ? For detailed information about the “CloudArcade WP” plugin, you can read here. This article will guide you through integrating your CloudArcade CMS with your […]

Boost Your WordPress site with CloudArcade Games

Are you looking to infuse your WordPress site with a full array of engaging browser games? With the ‘CloudArcade WP’ plugin, you can easily integrate the entire game library from […]

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Add custom Post “Meta Data” with Extra Fields

By default, post meta description is generated from post content. with “Extra Fields” plugin you can add custom meta that you can fill it manually. First step, open “Extra Fields” […]

Tag extra fields and meta data

Initially, we build game’s “Tag” feature with basic properties, without description, tag title and more. As of CloudArcade v1.7.6, the “Extra Fields” plugin has been implemented for the “Tag” feature, […]

Contact Form Plugin

You can integrate a Contact Form into your CloudArcade site using the Contact Form plugin. This allows visitors to send messages from your site page, which are then forwarded to […]

Mailer Plugin

The “Mailer” plugin is the core of the email system in CloudArcade. With the Mailer plugin, you can use other plugins that rely on “Mailer”, such as Forgot Password, Contact […]

How to use “Collections”

The “Collections” feature is used to create a specific list of games manually. It can be used for highlighted games, staff-picked games, promoted games, or any other purpose. Here are […]

Introducing “Filters”

Filters are a type of hook that allow you to modify data before it is saved to the database or rendered on the screen. Unlike action hooks, which trigger specific […]