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Introducing “Hooks”

What Are Hooks? Hooks are specific points in the codebase of a Theme where you can insert your own custom code. They allow you to add new features in specific […]

Extra Fields Plugin

What does the Extra Fields plugin do, and what is its use case? As indicated by its name, the purpose of the Extra Fields plugin is to add extra fields […]

Customize page title

Starting from CloudArcade v1.6.5, you can either customize all page titles or customize a single content type, such as the game page title. By default, you can retrieve the page […]

New Comment System

The built-in comment system was first introduced in CloudArcade v1.2.0, which came out 2 years and 7 months ago from the time this post was published. Since v1.2.0, the UI […]

Translations Plugin

The “Translations” plugin was introduced in CloudArcade v1.6.5. This plugin is NOT a replacement for the Localization plugin; rather, the Translations plugin requires the Localization plugin to function. Translations and […]

Why fetched games have Ads?

Imported or fetched games often contain in-game ads. Can I remove these ads from the imported games? No, it’s not possible. Even if it were, it would be illegal. Let […]

Are games included?

In the CMS demo, there are many games shown, if I purchase the CloudaArcade CMS, will there be as many pre-installed games as in the demo site? The answer is […]

How to use Localization plugin

What is Localization plugin? and what the purpose of it? Localization plugin can translate almost all strings that are available for translation for admin and visitor page, you can also […]

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Common issues and how to fix it

I put most common issues nor questions related to CloudArcade here with a guide how to fix it below Your GameDistribution games get blocked If you play fetched / imported […]

Arcade Two Theme

Arcade Two is a Web gaming / Game portal theme for CloudArcade CMS, not WordPress or any other CMS. To be able to use this theme, make sure you already […]