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Free HTML5 Games (Game Bundle)

“Game Bundle” is a collection of free HTML5 games provided by CloudArcade, developed by Gimcraft. Currently, there are 5 HTML5 games available to add to your CloudArcade site. These free […]

Boost Your WordPress site with CloudArcade Games

Are you looking to infuse your WordPress site with a full array of engaging browser games? With the ‘CloudArcade WP’ plugin, you can easily integrate the entire game library from […]

Introducing “Filters”

Filters are a type of hook that allow you to modify data before it is saved to the database or rendered on the screen. Unlike action hooks, which trigger specific […]

Introducing “Hooks”

What Are Hooks? Hooks are specific points in the codebase of a Theme where you can insert your own custom code. They allow you to add new features in specific […]

New Comment System

The built-in comment system was first introduced in CloudArcade v1.2.0, which came out 2 years and 7 months ago from the time this post was published. Since v1.2.0, the UI […]