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Free HTML5 Games (Game Bundle)

“Game Bundle” is a collection of free HTML5 games provided by CloudArcade, developed by Gimcraft.

Currently, there are 5 HTML5 games available to add to your CloudArcade site. These free HTML5 games are fully imported to your server, meaning the game files are stored on your server. There are no ads, and all games are already integrated with the CloudArcade API, enabling players to submit scores and view leaderboards.

All of the games are minified.

These games are not pre-installed with the CloudArcade CMS. To access them, you need to install the “Free Game Bundle” plugin. To install this plugin, navigate to “Plugins > Manage Plugins” in your CloudArcade dashboard. Then click on “Load plugin repository” in the right sidebar and add the “Free Game Bundle” plugin.

Plugin page:

To add a game, simply click the “+” button.