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(Plugin) Auto Publish

What is “Auto Publish” plugin and what it’s used for ?

“Auto Publish” can automatically add games at time interval, similar to “Cron-job” or very similar to WordPress cron.

This plugin will check for each selected game distributors 3 times a day, if there are a new games you don’t have, then system will add it automatically (3 games maximum).

You can select multiple distributors, the right section is used for Publisher ID for it’s distributor, Publisher ID is used as identifier to earn revenue-share from selected game distributor. Used for Wanted5games and GamePix.


  • “Auto Publish” only triggered when there is a visitor on your site
  • If there is no visitor for more than 4 days, “Auto Publish” will automatically stopped.
  • Max 3 games for each execution (9 games a day)

We limit the game to 3 since bulk add games will increasing server response time, especially for thumbnail importing.