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Ads Manager Plugin

Ads Manager plugin is used to manage and show in-game or pre-roll ads for self-uploaded (self-hosted) games that are already integrated with latest CloudArcade API.

You must integrate CloudArcade API manually to your game code to be able to show ads.

Pre-roll ads is used by many HTML5 game publishers and developers to earn ads revenue in their game.

Ads Manager plugin comes with 2 type of ads

IMA ( Interactive Media Ads by Google ) or also called Adsense for games

and regular banner ads that provided by yourself, it’s can be used to show your own banner ads in the game.

Note: IMA type is experimental, currently there is no real ad testing for IMA SDK. We’re not responsible for account issues that occur.

We will be happy if you give us reporting and feedback usage from IMA type, If there are any error or no revenue at-all, we will fix it ASAP.

Let’s get started to the plugin

Default Ad

Default Ad” mean, which Ad type you’re preferred to shown for empty/non-exist tag.

Example: you can call or show ads in the game with ca_api.show_ad() it’s an empty tag and show Default Ad type

ca_api.show_ad("banner") Only show banner ads, ca_api.show_ad("ima") Only show IMA ads, ca_api.show_ad("test") will show Default Ad since it’s not exist.


IMA” or Adsense for games, read more about Interactive Media Ads, you need to put your IMA ad tag here, click here for sample ad tag


Open banner Tab to create or manage existing banners.

There are 3 field for banner ads, Banner name/key (used for statistics identification. Must be unique), Image URL for banner, Banner URL.

First step. You need to insert the banner with ADD / INSERT button (Green), then click SAVE button (Blue)


Open “Statistics” tab to show all banner statistics. currently statistics only work with local banners.

You can see how much banner views or clicks here.

Download sample project with ads:

Upload “” to your CloudArcade site with “Add Game” (Upload) method