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Customize page title

Starting from CloudArcade v1.6.5, you can either customize all page titles or customize a single content type, such as the game page title. By default, you can retrieve the page […]

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Common issues and how to fix it

I put most common issues nor questions related to CloudArcade here with a guide how to fix it below Your GameDistribution games get blocked If you play fetched / imported […]

Optimize CloudArcade site

On this post, I will let you know how to optimize CloudArcade site from fresh install, I’m using PageSpeed Insights for score checking. After CloudArcade installed, I added 30 games […]

Static Site: Make your CloudArcade website extremely fast

Static Site is a official plugin for CloudArcade v1.4.3 or greater, static site can make your web game portal extremely fast. But how it’s work ? Static Site plugin can […]

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Tips and guide to edit a Theme

On this post, I will explain how to customize stock themes (pre-installed themes) There is a problem if you modify stock or default themes, you script or files will be […]

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Mingrating v1.2.9 Layout to v1.3.0 Menu & Widget

You must migrating hard coded “Layout” to new Menu & Widget after updated to CloudArcade v1.3.0 It will worth the effort, menu and widget is stored on database, so you […]