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How to use “Custom Fields” and what can it do ?

Custom Fields is introduced on CloudArcade v1.2.9, it’s an official plugin and not included by default, so you need to install it. With Custom Fields, there’s a lot you can […]

Create “Load More” games with Custom Page

UPDATE: The Default and Dark Grid themes have already implemented the “Load More Games” button in the homepage’s New Games section, starting from theme version v1.1.7. With “Load more” games […]

Create a Leaderboard / Scoreboard page with Custom Page

First, open your active theme folder. In this tutorial I will use the default theme “/content/themes/default/”. Create a php file and name it “page-leaderboard.php”, you can replace “leaderboard” with another […]

Create a custom page

What is Custom Page ? what the difference with regular page ? basically regular page is just a post with “page” identifier. With “Custom page” you have a full control […]